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We at Directions really appreciate you taking time out your busy schedule to visit this website. In reviewing the vast array of services that we provide, we hope that you become not only inspired but more involved in your community.

We at Directions believe that it takes a village to raise a child. Some of our children and their families may fall by the wayside; it’s our job to pick them back up. Our mission is to provide services that help youth and their families have a more positive and enriching life. Through counseling, mentorship and behavior modification, DIRECTIONS will help children and their families get on the path today for a better tomorrow.

Christopher Narcisse

“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6

We at Directions also acknowledge that as adults, problems and issues still exist. Therefore, life coaches are available to navigate you through the bumpy maze filled road called life.

Sports programs can provide excitement and a sense of pride to fans around the world. Sports fans often fail to realize that student athletes and professional athletes have problems and obstacles in life as well. This is often magnified due to their being in the public eye. Many people fail to recognize the amount of pressure that athletes are under therefore we at Directions are here to help. We at Directions help sports organizations, agents, coaches and their families adjust to being in the public eye and adjusting to the expectations of being an athlete whereas it is performing at an optimal level, being a positive role model, making informed decisions, dealing with the media and the social network media. Get on the Athletic path today for a better tomorrow!

We at Directions believe that every corporation whether a fortune 500 company to a startup company has the ability not only to grow but dominate its competition. Directions staff will provide an in depth review of your company from top to bottom through data analysis, in depth employee interviews and workshops to identify problem areas within the company. Directions staff will conduct workshops to strengthen unity and build a stronger leadership base within the company. Upon analysis, Directions staff will provide a detail plan of action to help improve the company standing. A one year review after the plan of action has been implemented will be conducted at no additional charge to the company. Get on the Corporate path today for a better tomorrow!

At one time, the church was the pillar of the community. Now, it appears that on most hot button topics, religious leaders often turn a blind eye to topics in which they need to lead. Many religious leaders are mismanaging funds. Many religious leaders are offering no clear path to solving problems within the community. Many church officials fail to look at the business of the church; we feel at Directions that the church is not immune to apathy and mismanagement. Directions staff will provide a detail analysis of financial dealings, spiritual development as well as helping religious leaders come up with creative ways to rejuvenate themselves, members of the church and most importantly members of their community. By implementing new strategies and developing new strategies and developing programs this will increase involvement in church related activities both outside and inside of the church community. Get on the Spiritual path today for a better tomorrow!

Reverend Alfred V. Pritchett has been a pillar in the community. He has been a key central figure in Thomasville and Marengo county for many years. Even as a young child, Reverend Pritchett displayed a deep sense of serving his community, that sense of serving his community led him to joining the military. While serving in the army, he fought in Vietnam, displaying bravery during times of imperil.

Reverend Pritchett retired honorably from the United States Military in 1992. Shortly thereafter he received a calling into the ministry in 1994. He currently co-presides over Shady Union Missionary Baptist church. Through his vison and leadership the church has grown and has helped many individuals over the years never once turning a helping hand to anyone who needed his help. During his tenure at Shady Union Church, Reverend Pritchett has instituted several programs including a GED program to help people in the community obtain GED's and most recently a health fitness studio to help people in the community stay in shape.

Reverend Pritchett also noticed a need in the community for mentorship and counseling for youth. Over the years, he noticed that that youth of today has lost a sense of self and individuality. Because of that lack of knowledge of self, youth often rely on the latest rappers or movie stars that they see on television to help forge their identity. In doing so, they often confuse fantasy from reality, to help combat this problem; he started Directions which is a mentoring/counseling program. Directions have now expanded consultant work throughout Alabama to include other schools, churches, corporations and sports organizations.